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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1898




They lie south of the equator also to the south of Dutch New Guinea to the south-east of the large island of Ceram and the nearer small Banda group of isles to the west of the Ara group of isles and to the north of the Timor Laut or Tenimber Islands. [...] The islands to the south of Little K6 are from the evidence of the rooks of an older formation of the quaternary period. [...] The present paper is based on materials obtained by Kiihn during the nine years (from 1889) ho has resided on the islands and he has written the introduction and notes on the habits of the various species while de Niceville is responsible for the rest of the paper and has seen it through the press. [...] They are found in the forewing and consist of a greater sinuosity of the inner margin than in the female; with a large clump on the rippei surface of modified dull (instead of intensely black like the rest of the ground-colour) black scales from the inner margin commencing at the base of the wing but not reaching the outer margin and extending fowards as far as the first median interspace th [...] The larva rests on the underside at the extreme end 'of the stem which has bent over at a right-angle from the unbitten portion and feeds on the faded dried-up brown leaves which very quickly become of the same shade of oolour as the larva.



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