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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1897




I repeated the experiment with the mimic and another Junonia ; the bird crossed over from the perch nearest the Hypulintnas to that nearest the Junonia and took this. [...] I repeated the experiment with the Eypolimnas and a Huphina phryne ; the birds were timid but both insects were approached and the head of the Hypotimnas snatched off ; but whoa I left both stuck in the netting a Liothrix took the fluphina ; it was taken from it by a Button-Quail. [...] While the D. chrysippus was still alive in the aviary I put in one specimen each of D. genutia and D. limniace and also a Catopsilia and a Junonia. [...] A Liothrix seizing by accident a D. limniace and a non-warninglcoloured butterfly together let the Danais drop and retained the other.- While the Danais only were still noticeable in the aviary I put in a Junonia which was soon seized by a Liothrix obviously by choice as the others were mostly close by. [...] A White-crested Bulbul ate one of the P. polite* and one tried at the D. Uranium and I think ate the head but a Common Bulbul took the butterfly away and swallowed it.



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