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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1894




It has been the writer’s intention for some years to publish the results of a critical study of the Indian Papaveracete but the pressure of more urgent duties has hitherto prevented the completion of his notes. [...] King to re-arrange the Indian matrial of the order preserved in the Calcutta Herbarium in such a manner as to incorporate the new material as nearly as possible on the lines of Mr. [...] Clarke's account the writer while doing so has drawn np as he did in the case of the Labiatce descriptions of all the species whether new to science or not that are new to the Indian area with a view to their presentation to the Society in the hope that they may prove usful to members who require to use the Flora of BriliA India in the field. [...] Of the majority of the forms which have been previously dscribed but which are now for the first time reported as Indian and of all the forms that are now being described as the writer believes for the first time examples have been sent by Dr. [...] In B. praecipua the oorolla lobes are long and narrow with small divergent auriculate lobules as in E. Griffitliii and to a less degree in B. Stapfiana while the interlobular portion of the corolla lobes are densely pubescent within as well as without.



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