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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I History Literature &c. 1894




We have the head of the Bain the mouth of the Twins the head of the Lion the tail of the Lion the hind-foot of the Lion the anterior bull of the Virgin the messenger' (?) of the Virgin the Balance the bend of the Scorpion the born of the Goat-fish the head of the Pourer (of water; Aquarius) the foot of the Pourer; the head of the Fish. [...] The reply to this is that as a. closer examination of the facts will show the agreement of the Babylonian Series of stars with the lunar zodiacs of the other nations is by no means so close as to compel or even to render probable the derivation of the latter from the former. [...] There is in the first place the choice of three faint stars in Orion's head (A 6 1 62) to constitute the al-ha*a of the Arabs the Ilfrigarirae of the Hindus the Tae of the Chinese. [...] There next is the choice of certain stars in the tail of the Scorpion which lie at a considerable distance south of the Ecliptic to mark the as-Nau/a of the Arabs the 111fila of the Hindus and the We of the Chinese. [...] We may also I think mention under this heading the inclusion within the series of the small stars 35 39 a. 41 Arietie—whioh form the Bharani of the Hindus the al-Bute/in of the Arabs and the Wei of the Chinese ; and perhaps also the fact that certain little conspicuous stars in Hydra—which moreover do not lie very close to the Ecliptic—were selected to constitute the Arkshfis of the Hind



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