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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Scince 1893




V. figs 3 and 4) in the following particulars :—The disk is relatively larger and the rays which are bluntly rounded at the tip are relatively shorter and broader—the whole forpi being thus more pentgonal ; the relative lenith of the rays to the radius of the the disk is 2.5: 1; the paxilla3 are larger; on the adambulacral plates the central spine of the paxilliform group is a large distinct [...] Tho anal begins almost in the vertical through the base of the pectoral the vent being situated forwards in the vertical through the posterior edge of the operculum. [...] The nostrils are large the anterior being a small tube near the tip of the snout the posterior being a large foramen at the angle of the eye. [...] The anterior nostril is a short wide tube situated on the lip near the end of the snout the posterior is a wide foramen situated in advance of and above the angle of the eye. [...] The mouth-cleft is wide extending almost to the vertical through the posterior border of the orbit and the lips are greatly developed: the minute teeth are in bands in the jaws and in a broad rasp-like patch outside the mouth in the premaxillary ; there are a few teeth on the vomer quite anteriorly.



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