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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II.—Natural Science 1889




In these however a diagnosis may be effected by means of the stamens —glabrous in P. polygaloides hirsute in P. denudata ; in P. instar VAR. [...] Capsule and seeds resemble those of P. instar and P. brevifolia. [...] The straight capsule entire apex of beak high stamina! insertion long corolla tube and tufted fleshy roots indicate a closer alliance to P. porrecta than to P. breusfolia ; its lanceolate leaves however at once distinguish it and the calyx is quite different from that of P. porrecta while the very small scarcely lobed lip removes it equally from both. [...] The corolla differs from tbat of P. binaria Maxim only in having the lower lip eciliate and the central lobe of lip less depressed but the habit of this Himalayan plant is quite unlike that of Maximowicz' Szetschuan plant. [...] This however differs as to bracts in the corolla tube being bent at the top and not in the middle in the galea being erostrate and in the anterior filaments being hirsute.



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