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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1888




Crustaces p. 90) the present species entirely agrees but it differs from the five of the known species figured in that work in the slenderness of the body and in the great length of the fifth thoracic appendage and wants also the vinous oolouration which appears more or leas to characterize many of the species. [...] The first of the abdominal segments is as long as the last thoracic but the second and third are considerably shorter while the remaining three are very short the fifth being not half the width of either the fourth or sixth and with difficulty distinguishable from the former. [...] The fourth and 4fth appendages are quite of the usual ambulatory typo and alike in general plan but while the first is the slightest and shortest Of all the appendages except the second the fourth is the longest and stoutest slightly exceeding the thorax in length. [...] The ovaries consist of a simple tube bent on itself and occupying nearly the entire length of the thorax so that a typical section exhibits four tubes cut across and disposed in a semicircle below the alimentary canal ; of these the outer pair appear to bo the glandular and the inner the duct portions of the organs. [...] It is fivjointed the first two joints being short but very stout the last two very long and suequal to each other and to the long middle joint of the peduncle of the antennnle and the third joint about half the length of the two distal.



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