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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1885




The relative proportions of its parts appeared identical in air respects with those of the larger with the exception of the propodite and daetylopodite of the second gnathopod which in the larger specimen exceeded in size that of the smaller to an extent out of all proportion to the difference of their sizes which were about 5 and 6 mm. [...] Antennules hairy robust as long as the head and the anterior six segments of the thorax ; peduncle three-jointed middle joint the longest ; flagellum as long as the first two joints of the peduncle ; a minute appendage as long as the last joist of the peduncle with a dilated antepenultimate joint springs with the flagellum from the peduncle. [...] At the same time we may take warning from the confusion in the results of the investigations into the European forms how very necessary it is from the similarity in appearance and small size of the great majority of the species to use the microscope more freely than has apparently hitherto been the practice in ascertaining the generic charaters. [...] In O. tarandus the pronotum is elevated in front the posterior prcess is ridged and also serrated beneath the length of the horns is rather more than twice the breadth of the pronotum between them and there are four discoidal areas : in O. ruldecto the posterior process is not serated beneath and the length of the horns is rather less than the breadth of the pronotum between them other [...] Thorax much elevated between the lateral angles very often cornuted above the same angles ; posterior process distant from the scutellum bisinuato beneath more or less amplified or lobed in the middle between the sinus with the amplified part reaching the dorsum of the abdmen or the apex of the scutellum : tegmina with five apical two discodal areas : wings with four apical areas : tib



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