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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Natural Science 1885




Black shining : head thorax scutehlum towards the tip hind borders of the abdominal segments the tip of the abdomen and the legs red : femora black the four anterior red towards the tips : six red spots on each tegmen at the base. [...] Form of C. tricolor : differs chiefly in having the tegroina crossed at the base by a patch of six red spots (that on the clavus being more or less bifid) instead of the pale testaceous band and in the narrower and interrupted red bands margining the segments on the dorsum of the abdomen (Maier). [...] Thorax and head black shining : soutelltun metanotnm abdomen at the base and along the posterior margin of each segment and the legs red : tegmina very red at the base and with a roseate band before the reticulated apical third this band is sometimes narrow or indistinct or oven obsolete : wings brown rosy red at the base and along the adjoining part of the costa. [...] Thorax metallic bluish-black shining : borders of scutellum postrior margin of segments of abdomen the anus CONE.' and femora and the tarsi at the base red : tegmina bluish-black tips brown with a bifurcated basal streak and two bands red ; the basal streak with the median band contain between them an almost triangular patch bluish black : the limb of the basal bifurcation on the hin [...] Bright red shining : head with a short transverse streak along each side of the hind border ; thorax with two very large black spots on each side of gJio disc and two smaller spots in front ; pectus and abdomen twards the base black : a. row of black spots on each side of the abdomen of which the underside except the hind borders of the segments is black ; tegmina rod with seven black spot



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