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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I—History Literature &c. 1883




This is also sanctioned by Brahmanical ritual and with them worship of the earth-gods to prevent the mischief of the demons inhabiting the lower strata of the earth is frequent. [...] It is also given by friends to the father of the new born child in congratulation of the birth of the son and indicates their good wishes to the new born. [...] In the outer room the Bidh Mita (13(o sue) the " Vidhatri Mita" (finnwrann) of the learned the goddess of generation is worshipped. [...] If it burns without the threitds being burnt the boy is under the influence of the evil eye but if the threads burn first then the evil eye is not to be feared. [...] It is clear however from the style of the legend on the obverse that the coin is not one of the Debit Emperor Ntuku-din Mahmad Shah but of the Bengal king of that name in fact of the same Nasiru-d-din Mahm(ul Shah I to whom the coins of the new find belong.



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