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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Physical Science 1877




The nearer to the hills the greater is the velocity The weight of a stone in water is less by the weight of water displaced. [...] In.any case I am quite certain that there is nothing on the ground which I have crossed to indicate the former presence of large glaciers on the Kangra slopes ; either at 12 to 16 miles from the base of the high ridge or at the base of it or in the jaws of ravines which come from the crest of It at Dhada and elsewhere on my road thence to Bhagsu. [...] They are frequently found on the slopes of the range out of the way of any of these main gorges and even up the little receding valleys of streams which only drain the outer hills and down which the blocks could not have come. [...] Campbell's consideration that so far as we can at present estimate it the age of these high-level gravels along the base of the Himalayas and to which the Kangra deposits belong seems to be closely coincident with that of the Ice-Age of the western continents. [...] Crosse and Fischer in which the peculiar thicshelled group of Paludina Siaensis is compared to that of the American sub-genus Illelantho ; I would call attention to the presence of a remarkable Bengal form of the same group the Paludina crassa of Hutton which has the singular habit of burying itself in closely packed groups of numerous individuals in the mud at all seasons as accurately



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