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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part II Physical Science 1876




1 to 13 f the Tables) the means adoted for the readings of the Regnault's hygrometer include the temperatures at which the dew disappeared from the silver capsule of the instrument which is not the case witItthe later series. [...] It is based on the assumption that the film of air around the wet bulb is saturated with vapour and that the heat lost by this film of air in falling to the temperture of the wet bulb is exactly equal to the latent beat absorbed by the water which passes into vapour in the act of bringing it to saturation. [...] One is to keep the eye on the same level' as the top of the mercurial column of the thermometer (whether that of the hygrometer or psychrometer) when taking the reading in order to avoid the errors of parallax. [...] The wings in this specimen show a remarkable approach to the plumage of the adult male ; the whole of the.lesser wing coverts are white but with a broad sagittate mark of dark brown in the centre of each feather the same coloration being extended over the bend of the carpal joint and. [...] along the anterior edge of the wing to the commencement of the greater coverts ; the black band which in the adult male extends from the neigbourhood of the carpal joint to the tips of the tertials is in this specimev represented by a corresponding band of dark chocolate brown varied by' some of the brown feathers passing in part into a decided black and by a few white spots in that part o



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