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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I History Literature &c. 1873




I limit the range of these authorities to the period between 1498 when Vasco da Gama discovered India and 1663 when the capture of Cochin by the Dutch finally broke the power of the Portuguese and established the supremacy of others in the East. [...] ; the Relation of the Embassy of the Patriarch D. Joan Bermudes ; the Chronicles of the King D. Manuel and of the Prince D. Joao by Damiao de Goes ; the treatise on the affairs of China by Fr. [...] The second siege of Diu by the King of Gujarat occurred during the Viceroyalty of D. Joao de Castro and the defence and relief of the fortress are deservedly regarded by the Portuguese as among the greaest of their 'achievements. [...] The end contains'the following description of the character of the " now rulers"- " The English among the Christians are adorned with the head-dress of wisdom and skill and ornamented with the garb of generosity and good manners. [...] Bengal is said to have been divided into five districts— (1) It a 4 h a the country west of the HUgli and south of the Ganges ; (2) B a g the delta of the Ganges ; (3) Bang a the country to the east of; and beyond the delta ; (1) Barendr a the country to the north of the Pailma (Podeta) and between the Karataea and the Malkin:m(1a rivers ; and (5) Mithil a the country west of the We do not kn



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