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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I History Literature &c. 1870




The Nati Hill is merely a spur of the Assia range but is separated front the latter by the stream of the Biru►A which flows between them ; the hill stands pn the north-western borders of the Matcadnagar parganah.1870.] Alitiquities of the Cuttack 159 The Maliabinfiyalca Hill has ajso another name 135.ranibanta. [...] The tradition narrated above may be construed merely to refer to the conquest of the Moslem over Hinduism the demolition of Ilindu temples the mutilation of iiindu gods and goddesses and the reduction of the Hindu supremacy on the NAM hill by the followers of the prophet and the hoisting of the prophet's flag on a rival and1870.] ACHIgilities of Me Cullark Hdlg. [...] The two other peaks of the C►ar-pithfi are Achala Basanta or Eternal Spring " so named perhaps from the luxuriance of its ever-green trees and flowers ; and the Baro Dehi pr " seat of the Great." At the foot of Achala Basanta lie scattered the ruins of 21(ilhi Pura the residence of the brethren and the relatives of the old hill-chief. [...] On the eastern foot of the hill there are the remains of an old fort the broad and extensive rampart of which made of the laterite of the hills forms the most prominent feature of the ruins. [...] The people in the neighbourhood informed me that before the costruction of the Cuttack Trunk Road the ramparts were in a much better condition than in what they now are : the Vandals of the Pulic Works Department having demolished them for the sake of the stone with which they metalled the road.



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