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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I History Literature &c. 1870




The result of the two days' labour was the cutting of the trench into the heart of the tower to a depth of 10 feet below the original level or 2$ foot below the floor of the chamber but as yet some 10 or 12 feet to the ground level remained unexplored. [...] That is In the eleventh samvat of the groat king the king of kings the god-born Kanishka —of the month Daisik." Then follows the number of the day of the month written in cipher. [...] The qiblahgah is constructed in the -wall of the court which opposite to the west door of the tomb is raised to about double the height of the rest of the wall. [...] These outer fortifications diverge from the Fort wall close to the main gateway and after enclosing a considerable space of ground to the south approach close to the Fort at its east end and then by a double line of walls cross the head of the tank on an embankment and join the walls of Tugluqfibad Inside the citadel of this place are still to be seen the foundations of the palace. [...] Th© shape of the dome the limited use of encaustic tiles as a decoration the fashion of the door ornaments all point to the early part of the fifteenth century as the date of the building while the costly nature of the tomb the entitle court in which it stands with its accompanying mosque seem to place it beyond the moans of a mere nobleman especially at a time when Delhi Wu* at its loWeSt



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