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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 1860




The Senaramis appioached the island on the morning of the 19th March 1858 coming from the N. E. and steamed round it by S. keeping close to the shore uOil the ship was opposite the etrance of the crater (Fig. [...] Passing to the westward of the centre of the island and continuing the survey towards the northein end one of the first turns discovers a large gap in the circular wall extending quite town to the base of the island through which the Intel-for of the valley with the cone in the middle opens at once into full view. [...] Arrived at the pocks mentioned their nature and the manner in wbieh the side Of the one bulged out in their neighbourhood shoed that they marked the point from whence an effusion of lava of the same kind as we has seen below had taken place from the side or the cone not reaching the mouth of the tube at the apex. [...] If in the present case we admit the sensiblemheat of the groUnd of the upper third of the cone to be principally clue to the condensation of steam a process of which.wehav:abunqant evidence in the stream of hot water rushing out from underneath the cold lava it is not improbable that the whole ofthe upper part of the interior of the eogeis intersected with i(paces and fissures filled' with ste [...] I gave now the satisfaction through the kind consideration of my friend Colonel Waugh of laying before the Society the actual results of the progress of this magnificent and unparalleled survey up to a very recent date and the mars now presented to the view of the meeting together with the few details I am about to read will prove better than anything else the value and the character of t



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