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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal 1851




This Brahminical dynasty may have continued for a century longer when the country was overrun and became disorgnised by the invasion of Lallitinlitya king of Cashmere and the ancient religion perhaps never got re-established and about the year 840 according to the tradition of the Ctissoris (the Racchas of the valley) that tribe assumed the government of the country and held it until the 10 [...] The tests as to whether the mica is good for any thing or whether as the natives say it is alive" are its firmness specific gravity and the power of reflecting the countenance free of contortions ; the latter test I imagine showing the perfect parallelism of its individual plates and consequent likelihood to split well ; the heavier the mineral and the more perfect the reflection the more va [...] The mines are worked during the months of January.Februnry and March only ; for during the hot months or from the latter end of March or June the great heat dries up all the water for many miles around the mines and during the rainy season the pits fill with water ; and subsequent to the rains the unhealthiness of the dense miasmatic jungles in the neighbourhood prevent the work commencing befo [...] The Talookdar of the place by name (:opal Mundle the most intelligent of the observers had a tent peg driven in so as to represent the course of the stone in the earth (he having been present when the stone was dug out) from which supposing the course of the stone not to have been altered after first contact with the earth the angle made with the earth would be nearly 80°. [...] The black grains are chromate or subchromate of iron and hence a variable portion of the assay depending on the quantity of these and probably of that of the darker portion of the Aerolite will be always in the state of chromate of iron ; and the exces! ive friability of the mass is explained by the absence of alumina and the earthy state of the silica.



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