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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I May 1843




The main yard having fallen through the deck on the starboard side was the cause of so much water being in the ship boused it up and secured the hole cleared and cut away the remainder of the wreck ; still a heavy sea but wind gradually abating. [...] On the afternoon of the 22d October the weather was hazy with moderate breeze at N. N. E. The appearance to windward was such as North country seamen call "greasy." The Barometer fell in the course of the day from 30.10 to 29.90 `the breeze increased during the night with occasional showers and veered to N. N. W. At midnight the Barometer 29.78. [...] I now give the information from Madras and the Coast and then the Logs of the Vessels which put to sea from the Roads. [...] The wind was from North to N. by E. till noon N. N. E. at 2 r. hr and veering from N. N. E. to E. N. E. till 6. The centre passed a little to the north of Pondichery.350 ffighth Memoir on the [No. [...] The Acting Astronomer has the honor to forward to the Master Attendant the register of the Barometer at this office in continuation from noon of this day to the present time.



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