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Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Part I February 1841




3. The whole course of the Nye river with a portion of the Boodhit river and also of the upper Ravee with the further course of the Ravee nfter the junction of the Nye and Boodhil rivers as far as Chumba have been surveyed by Lieutenant Cunningham. [...] 4. The whole course of the Bhaga river has been surveyed by Lieutenant Broome ; the source of the Chundra by the same officer and the greater part of its course jointly by Lieutenants Broome and Cunningham ; and the course of the joint stream of the Chundra Bhaga iloknath by Lieutenant Cunningham. [...] What is called the Derail i Khnrgoosh colds at the junction of the Tungan with the Moorghuub but the narrowness and difficulty of the pass continues for a mile further down the left bank of the latter stream which we forded where the water was up to our ponies' shoulders runing at the rate of I should imagine 35 miles per hour. [...] In the time of the Assam Rajahs it appears these salt springs were regularly worked and the water dammed up for the purpose as the rmains of the parts which formed the dams are visible in the stream which falls into the well as also in that which carries off the water. [...] I left Bar Pathor after seeing all my supplies well off in boats on the 2.8th ultimo reaching the mouth of the Duopani Nuddi on that day the Hurrioghan Mookh on the 29th the Debopani Mookh on the 30th and arriving here on the afternoon of the 31st the road running along the line of the Dhunsiri though straightened in many of the turnings for 38 miles through the densest forests the last 10



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