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The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal March 1839




The words explanatory of the ttbohle sense of the words (on which the poet nuns) are of course wanting iu the original. [...] Resplendent as the autumnal moon as soon as that palace.Which had bruised the horses' hoofs and shattered the chariot wheels was seen by the charioteer of the sun he swerved his car from its path —that palace of which the golden ball gave the idea of the solar disc kissing the summits of the snowy mountains and constituted the delight of the household image of VAYKUNTA the foe of demons. [...] " The spouse of the chief " of Radha ;" and thou ? " The bride of the prince of Anga."—Such were the colloquies with the wives of his enemies detained as catives while their lotus-like eyes were suffused with tears. [...] Who art thou ? of whom ? and for what object art thou " come ; thou who art resplendent as the luminary whose emblem is `6 the hare?" " I am gleaming fame; and wandering over the universe ` I am conic fervently anxious to behold the glory of the monarch BANGIA the sole friend of the learned which has reached the crest of the vast mountain of Lokdlok."(28) 47. [...] These letters in the Kakuda form that C4AUDA KAYASTIIA aided by the learned inscribed by the hand of JAVA PAL --that Kayastha of untarnished lustre having a numerous progeny the radiant moon of the king's race who the dispeller of gloom had risen from the ocean of polished literature.



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