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The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal July 1836




tiere in the order of the Armenian months are to be seen noonly the number of days thereof commencing from Nvasard which is the first mouth of the year according to the Armenian era but also the total of the days of the year up to Aveliaz or Pagomen which invariably consists of 5 days even in leap years. [...] in the Armenian erg 619 in the Armenian month of Areg and in the Roman month of October." And in an old manuscript copy of the Armenian Ritual is stated thus : " Written in the Armenian era 670 in the month of Mehekau which corresponds with the month of August." In the year of Christ 551 the Armenian Kalendar was reformed by the Armenian Pontiff MOSES the Second a native of the village of [...] The Aspii and the Thyraei that he attacked appear to me to he the Buzbins and the Touris who inhabit the mountainous part of the country which separates the valleys of Lagman and of Jeldldbad from the territory of Caul. [...] At 15 kos to the east of Ashnagar is the actual town of Kapourdigarhi which from its locality might well be the ancient Caspatyrus the capital of the Gandarii which is placed by our geographers to the east of Assaceni on the western bank of the river Indus. [...] At the first meeting of the British Association for the advancement of Science the Committee appointed to draw up a list of desiderata in the various departments of science included among the objects of meteorological inquiry an investigation of the theory of the wet-bulb hygrometer : and in the circular then prepared and at the subsequent annual meetings repeated the Meteorological Committee w



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