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The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal January 1835




THE JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL VOL. [...] The List of Subscribers in India remains in numbers much same as before; but the demand for the work in England increases daily and much of the new matter it contains is greedily tranferred to the pages of Egroppan literary and scientific periodcals of wide and establisheol circulation. [...] Fossil animals of ne w and extraordinary species have followed the discovery of Cuvierian genera themselves but recently made known in the Sivilik range : the history of the Malayan states accounts of various sects of aoncient ruins of Buddhist cosmogonz and of Tibetan works and 'among the subjects of the present volume ; and it is but fair to state that materials for a new volume of the [...] Want of space and want of leisure must in the last place be pleaded as an excuse for the absence of retrospective anlyses of the progress of the Sciences in Europe.. [...] SUBSCRIBERS t\Vho are not Metubers of the Asiatic Society 18351 The Honorable the Court of Directors (by the Department.) °NE COPY.



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