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Indian Sugar September 1953


The opposition in course of debate in the Council moved an amendment seeking abolition of the system of nomination in the consttution of the Cane Development Councils which were being formed for the sole purpose of development in reserve areas. [...] The problem of reducing the cost of production of sugar in India is a topical one and it is hoped that this session of the International Sugar Technlogists will be of much help to the Indian industry as it will focus the attention of all the interests concerned to the problems facing the Indian industry and the way similar problems have been tackled in other countries. [...] Time and the method of study of the yield of sugarcane for the purpose of cane competition has also been laid down for the guidance of the committees. [...] Due to the discontinuance of the minimum rate up to 49 miles the difference between the old rates and the new rates rises with the increase in distance. [...] A summary of the same precedes the present article which it is hoped will facilitate continuity of the subject—Ed." SUMMARY OF PART I In view of the possible consequences of the worlwide sulphur shortage on the Indian Sugar Industry the Shri Ram Institute developed the Mineral Process of cane juice clarification.
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