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The Ceylon Historical Journal. July 1953




In the South friction between the British and the Boers led to the Boer War and that to the formation of the Union of South Africa (which included Cape Colony Natal Transvaal and the Orange Free State) as one of the British Self-governing Dominions. [...] Dely northwards up to the Goa territory the land which now goes under the name of South Kanara ; and from the 16th Century to the country over the Ghauts as well even to the entire Vijayanagara kingdom which at the time comprised the whole of the Indian Peninsula to the south of the river Krishna. [...] The despatches of Sir Alexander also give an insight into the land tenures the customary services of the various castes and also the application of the Roman-Dutch Law." The preamble states : " The different modifications of the Roman-Dutch Law introduced among the Sinhalese inhabitants of the Western and Southern Maritime Provinces of Ceylon and the ancient Sinhalese laws and customs of the Pr [...] The preamble to his despatches states 23 : That Sir Alexander begs to refer to the English translation made by his dictation from the Pali and the Sinhalese language of the three most ancient histories of Ceylon called the Mahavanse the Rajavali and the Raja Ratnakara the copies of the originals of which Sir Aleander produced after many years of research from the interior of the Island ; hav [...] Upham some years ago from the papers and writings given to him by Sir Alexander Johnstone and which always had great influence in the customs and the manners of the people who profess the Buddhist religion in that Island."24 The Laws of the Mohamedans The Johnstone papers also contain valuable information on Mohammedan Law as it existed in Ceylon during the Dutch and the early British period.



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