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Our first law-giver Manu has given the highest place of honour to the mother and next after her to the father and the teacher : 3qTarr qkTs1114: qiffsil Itt Mirr fq-dr tie;f1cJ mur 41-ckurs1 IR-14a `The father exceedeth the teacher a hundred times in the title to reverence ; but the mother exceedeth the father a thousand times in that as well as in the quality of educator'. [...] The unchecked growth of these was the direct cause of the two world wars ; and the nations have not learnt the lesson of them yet and are therefore heading towards a third and far worse. [...] The frequency of hartals strikes in all departments of the public services and in mills and factories is evidence of the urgency of the Bread Problem. [...] The League paid little heed to the petitions of the nations who were demanding revision of their fates and complained against the state of affairs resulting from the most unjust treaties and pacts but the League remained adamant. [...] He said "There are four significant factors in the modern world which have to be kept in mind considering the possibility of applying Gandhian techniques to the solution of internal and international tensions : the first the advance of science that has created conditions which can either eliminate hunger and disease or can annihilate mankind the second the concentration of power in the hands of
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i-i R. S. Tripathi, A. B. Mishra, Hazari Dwivedi view
i-iii R. S. Tripathi, A. B. Mishra, Hazari Dwivedi view
Thirty-Fifth Convocation Address
1-16 Bhagavan Das view
His Excellency Dr. Matine Daftary Former Primeminister of Iran at the Gandhian Seminar New Delhi
17-23 R. S. Tripathi, A. B. Mishra, Hazari Dwivedi view
Mrs. Annie Besant Founder of the Central Hindu College
24-35 Iqbal Gurtu view
Principal’s Welcome Speech and Progress Report Read on November 15 1952 on the Occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Central Hindu College Banaras Hindu University
36-43 Rama Tripathi view
Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya
44-52 B. L. Sahney view
Structural Evolution of the Indian Society
53-66 R. B. Pandey view
Indology and Research
67-72 V. S. Agrawala view
Kalinga in the Buddhist Literature
73-75 Amar Chand view
A New Approach to the Sankhya Philosophy
76-84 V. Raghupati view
Tribute to the Alma Mater
85-86 R. S. Tripathi, A. B. Mishra, Hazari Dwivedi view
Horizon Explored
87-88 V. R. P. Rao view
Some Aspects of India’s Fuel Prospects and Education for the Fuel Industries
89-95 V. G. Iyer view
Fungi and their Importance
96-102 R. Y. Roy view
Nitrogen Fixation—A Biological Phenomena
103-105 V. N. Choubey view
Our Agricultural Economy
106-113 P. Rao view
Development of Light Mechanical Engineering Industries: Scope for Larger Production in India
114-125 Omprakash view
126-128 Kshatra Singh view
i-lxxx R. S. Tripathi, A. B. Mishra, Hazari Dwivedi view
i-i R. S. Tripathi, A. B. Mishra, Hazari Dwivedi view

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