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The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science September 1950




Cheema and Dani [1934] have taken into consideration the factors like the growth of the shoulders the colour of the fruit and the texture of the flesh. [...] or the lower temperatures were not favourable for the storage of the Peter fruit as the appearance of the ripe fruit was spoilt by the change to brown colour and as the ripening power of the green fruit was also affected. [...] The behaviour of green and of some of the ' turning' fruit at the different temperatures resembled that of the Suwarnarekha fruit as regards the development of ' brown patches' on the skin. [...] The nature of rotting of the fruit of this variety differed from that of the fruit of the other varieties in that the rotting usually started from the tip-end where dark colouration gradually developed. [...] As in the case of the fruit of Langra variety the change in colour reduced the commercial value of the fruit.


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