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The Indian Journal of Agricultural Science March 1950




The capacity of a stream to carry load in suspesion depends on the slope of the stream the discharge the velocity the shape size and specific gravity of the materials and the ratio of depth of water to width of the stream. [...] In Char Badna sandy loam the pan is no doubt present but because of the coarser texture of the soils it is neither as hard and compact nor is the structure of the soil so markedly prismatic as in the case of the other two types. [...] The soils of the pan horizon particularly of the clay and the loam types differ from the other horizons of the profile in both physical and chemical properties. [...] The study of the profiles is interesting in so far as it gives important information about the changes subsequent to the formation of the chars which are responsible for the development of the pan. [...] variation of base exchange capacity of the sails of the different horizons of a particular profile is similar to the variation of the clay content of the soils.


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