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Journal of Andhra History and Culture July 1944




The emergence of this early Pallava king hitherto unknown and the nearness of the find spot of the record to Nagarjunakonda lends support to the view that the Pallavas and probably the Simhavarman of the present record brought about the downfall of the Ilmäkus.69 I am giving below a tentative reading of the inscription :— Text 1. Siddhani Bharadaya-sagottaxxxx (dha) rena Palavanath Siha 2. vamm [...] This tendency is embodied in the development of the Telugu language of the those early centuries but the most important thing is the recognition standardisation and the development of it by Nannaya. [...] Thus not only the form the spirit and the contents were sanskritised but the personalities of the authors are also considered to be the counterparts of the three Sanskrit grammarians. [...] Candragupta of the Pärvatiya family and grandson of the lord of l'parvata entered the Andhra kingdom with the aid of the.Licchavis and became the commander-in-chief of all the forces. [...] g. the divagupta of a Nasik inscription of the time of G-autamiputra Sätakarni who wrote the record (") the Sivaskandagupta of the time of Pulomavi who executed the gift contained in a Karle inscription (") a mahadevi of Sri Haridasa sprung from the Gupta family mentioned in an Icchawar inscription and a `Gupti' queen of Rajan Vasudeva mentioned in a Barba inscrition of the Sunga period.(")




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