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The Indian Forester August 1952




REQUEST FOR OLD ISSUES OF THE INDIAN FORESTER The Library of the Forestry Department University College of North Wales Bangor Great Britain would like to have the following numbers of the Indian Forester to complete the volumes of Library :— Vol. [...] She at once associated the death of the insects with the insecticidal properties of the flowers and started the business of manufacturing Pyrethrum powder on a small scale. [...] Although the latest information regarding the quantity of Pyrethrum flowers produced in Kenya is not available it is safe to assume that the position held by Japan before the war has altered appreciably and very soon Kenya will be the main source of Pyrethrum for the world. [...] The low yield in the Nilgiris can only be attributed to the faulty technique adopted in the past such as planting on flat ground instead of ridges improper weeding and regular forking of the soil in between the plants resulting in the soil around the roots being washed away. [...] Pyrethrin content—The flowers produced in the various fields in the Nilgiris have been analysed by the Research Officer attached to the Medical College Madras and the following table shows the Pyrethrin content.


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