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The Indian Forester December 1948




IX of 1946 in respect of maintenance of character roll of Rangers by the Conservator in as much as rejecting the requests of the Association This 4ssociation still feels the necessity of requesting the Government for reconsideration of the orders in view of pars 1 of the Government's Memo No. [...] Government copy of pars 13 of the request made by the Executive Committee of this Association to the Provincial Pay Comittee in respect of reducing the heavy work for which a Range Officer is held responsible and arrest the further increase of the same by reducing the size of Ranges from 125 to 80 sq. [...] This Association brings to the notice of the Government the fact that arms which are so essential for the efficiency of this service for the protection of the life of service personel and property of the Government are rarely available in the market and more so the cost has risen to such an extent that it is beyond the means of service personels to purchase the same. [...] The rate of such water erosion depends upon the degree of the slope the condition of the land and the general cultural practices in usage. [...] When some of the leguminous crops are ploughed in as farm mulch and the artificial fertilizer is applied for the farm mulch instead of for the maw crop and when such mulch is mixed with the soil there will be definite increase in the crop yields and also the balance of fertility of the field is maintained at a high level.


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