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The Indian Forester October 1944




the first Issue of the following year of the Indian Forester will be sent by V. P. P the sum to be thus recovered will be included all arrears due; di) to all private subscribers residing out of India in the event of non-pavment by them by the end of the year for which their subscription holds good of all sums due by them the issue of the Indian Forester will be suspended until the recovery of t [...] 7. Indian Forest Policy and the C. P.- Forest Policy expresses the intention or the wishes of the owner of the forest concerning the use the owner makes of his forest or forest land. [...] The work of the game warden the land agent and the timber man may be understood but the job of that branch of planned land use which covers the science of forestry has been appreciated less in Britain than any of the western countries. [...] Even a casual perusal of the current technical or even popular literature on the subject of soil coservation will show that the principles fomuheed in the Government of India forest policy must be observed if see are to preserve the fertility of the soil which is the main economic asset of the people. [...] The grazing of cattle in excess of the fixed limits has not been prvented but the effective license fee payable for the grazing of these cattle has been increaed by the amount of the bribe or the difficulty irrvolved in the necessary fraud without any increase of revenue to the department.


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