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The Indian Forester August 1944




The necessary ratio of forest to agricultural land and grazing ground dpends on the physical features of the locality; gradient rainfall the siting of woodland the nature of the soil and the degree of terracing etc. [...] Apart from the prinCipal rivers of the state such as the Burabalong the Palpala the Khairi and Bhandan the Salandi the -Khar. [...] Regeneration of sal on the whole is very poor and the few seedlings that come up after the monsoon are either suppressed by the weed growth or killed by the ground fires in the following year.1944 I THE FORESTS OF MAYURBHANJ 259 A third type: the 'mixed deciduous forest ' covers a fairly large area of the hills and this is slowly extending itself into the pure sal forest mainly due to the exploita [...] It has become the convention to hold the sports alternately on - the grounds of the Indian Forest College and the Indian Forest Ranger College and this year it was the turn of the latter college. [...] Lady Howard kindly gave away the prizes to the winners the prizes consisting as a measure of war economy of printed paper certificates and of wooden articles of ornament or utility made in the Wood Workshops of the Institute through the kindness of the Utilisation Officer.


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