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The Indian Forester May 1944




7. Owing to the large number of small sums outstanding on the part of subscribers and the difficulty of recovering them It is notified under the orders of the Board of Management trial— it) to all private subscribers in India who have not sent a Banker's order to The Civil and Military Gazette Ltd. [...] by the end of the last month to which their subscription extends the first issue of the following year of the friction Forester will be sent by V. P. P. the sum to be thus recovered will be included all arrears due: (it) to all private subscribers residing out of India in the event of non-pavment by them by the end of the year for which their subscription holds good of all sums due by them. [...] The bug is of course a sap sucker and the effect of its feeding on lantana is that the leaves curl up decay and drop this effect not being limited to the leaes actually fed upon; the flowers drop. [...] Finally the E. S. F. (establishment stocking factor) is the product of the E. F. and the percentage of squares carrying U and E. The figures for R are considered separately to amplify the statement furnished by the t S. F. and incidentally to get an idea of the extent of mortality in the seedlings of the year. [...] A towel folded to the size and kept at the bottom of the vessel will do; but the best method is to make a false bottom of wire netting for the vessel either on a frame or by bending the edges of the wire so that it remains raised above the bottom of the vessel.


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