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The Indian Forester June 1922




The reclamation and forestation of these sand wastes in perhaps the best possible illustration of the benefits of forestry to the individual to the community and to the nation. [...] Whether in the nursery in direct sowings or in planting the preparation of the soil is directed to the production of a good tilth to provide the factors most favourable to germination and the rapid development of the seedling. [...] The success of the taungya system in Burma and Bengal is entirely due to the efficient cultivation of the soil obtained by the growing of field crops combined with the provision of the full overhead light so necessary in the case of teak. [...] The latter is of eXtrerne importance in consideration of the fact that if progress is to continue it would be necessary in the seventh year to purchase seed and supply 90 million seedlings in addition to the acquisition of 50 00o acres of land to-insure continuance of the policy at the same rate of progress in the tenth and eleventh years. [...] In the same way the accumulated experience of the Forest' Service of India and the fine work it has done is shut up in their own sphere of operation and not one of the societies has been hitherto a lamp to the feet of the pioneer silviculturist.


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