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Indian Forester. November 1918




is remarkably constant as regards the presence of a dense pale or ferruginous tomentum on the under-surface of the leaves avid the length of the petiole but in both these important characteristics Edgeworth's plant differs strongly from jujuba apart from the shape of the leaves habit and colour of the fruit. [...] With the exception of the clearing and levelling of the site and the roofing of both houses the students did the entire construction of the buildings themselves including the pegging out and the digging of the post holes. [...] 6. The system adopted is as follows :- Early in June or July varying according to the time when the Simul seed ripens it is collected by the Forest Department and distributed to the villagers who at this time of the year sow rice in their newly cleared " ihums." Before the rice is sown they have to put up stakes in their " jhums " at 26' x 26' and then the rice is sown with the Simul seed the [...] Among other matters the Board considered the proposal of the Director of Industries regarding the working of the Central Emporium Cawnpore the appointment of a die-sinker and tool maker—and the utilization of Rs. [...] Similarly in the judicial branch in the P. W. D. in the medical service and in the educational department all the appointments rendered vacant by the departure of the imperial service occupants on active service have been filled up by the promotion of provincial service men.


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