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Indian Forester. October 1918




On branch 7 spike has begun on the 3rd branchlet from the base and on the 8th branch on the branchlet further from the main stem and on the tip of the branch. [...] 2 the 1st branchlet was spiked the new shoot at base spiked the 2nd branchlet dead the 3rd branchlet had a tuft of spike at the broken end the 4th branchlet was spiked at tips and the 5th branclet had spike at the base the rest were healthy. [...] Efforts during the year have been concentrated on the Nellivasal isolated area in the Javadis and a full account of the work attempted was published in the Indian Forester for March 1918 The disease was discovered in 1917 and it is believed to be the only part of the Javadis which has been attacked. [...] The absence of disease at the present time proves very little but we must look to the flush of leaf in February 1919 and the appearance of flower in June and July ; and if no spike appears at the time the first crisis may be said to have been passed in safety. [...] 7 The way in which these birds eat the seed is interesting They deftly and with no apparent difficulty extract a seed from an opening cone and fly off with the seed to a convenient stem or branch into some crevice in the bark of which they fix the seed and by a few dexterous taps of the bill break open the shell and remove the contents.


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