The Indian Journal of Medical Research  July 1947
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The Indian Journal of Medical Research July 1947




(b) The bulk of a paper should consist of a record of the original observations actually made in connection with the investigation the result of which is reported. [...] Illustrative matter should not be sent in the form of unarranged drawings or photographs but be definitely arranged or allocated by the author as so many text figures or plates as the case may be having due regard to the size and shape of the page of the Journal and the capacity of the drawings or photos for reduction. [...] Since the strains J ' and F ' were the respective prototypes of the Original and Variant (Varie) types of later Japanese and of the Inaba and Ogawa types of later British authors the observations of Kabeshima amounted to a demonstrtion of mutation from the Ogawa to the Inaba type with a rather less convincing suggestion of possible change in the reverse direction. [...] It however seemed possible to us when re-considering the question of the lability of the serological types of the organism that as a stimulus to change or as a selective aid in observing change naturally occurring the action of strictly type-specific sera from which the common group component had been removed might succeed where the broader action of the natural sera hitherto employed hadD. [...] Table I gives in summary the results of some of the more important and successful trials in respect of 'which details have been preserved and in Table II are set out the results of an experiment made to compare the serological properties of one of the variant cultures with those of its parent culture.

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