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The Indian Journal of Medical Research January 1947




Space will be allotted in relation to the nature of a paper the amount of original observation included and the relative importance of the work. [...] Observation of the following general principles in the presentation of papers will facilitate acceptance and early publication :-- (a) Extensive summaries of the literature with numerous references should not be made. (b) The bulk of a paper should coosist of a record of the original observations actually made in connection with the investigation the result of which is reported. [...] Illustrative matter should not be sent in the form of unarranged drawings or photographs but be definitely arranged or allocated by the author as so many te4ligures or plates as the case may be having due regard to the size and shape of the page of the Journal and the capacity of the drawings or photos for reduction. [...] Hypoprothrombintemia produced by Sulphathiazole in Rats on a Diet free of Vitamin K and cured by Synthetic Vitamin K 15 MITRA K. and VERMA S. K. The Biological Value of the Proteins of Rice Pulse and Milk fed in different Proportions to Human Beings 23 MITRA K. The Food Habits of the Muslims of Bihar and the Nutritional State of their Children... [...] Demands for reprints additional to the above must be forwarded at the time of submission of the article for publication or of the galley proof and will be charged for at the following rates Numseit OF PACs.


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