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The Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay




THE total number of suicides among all classes during the year 1886 amounted to 89; and if we assume the popultion of the city to consist of about seven and a half lakhs the rate of suicides per million would thus be 118'666 which is considerably lower than that of St. [...] youngest of whom was 18 and the oldest 33 years of age one showed symptoms of insanity and then jumped out of a window another quarrelled with her husband and took opium; the third who was the wife of a rekldriver drowned' herself with her daughter aged two years whilst in a state of delirium from fever ; the next took arsenic because her husband had slapped her on the face in consequence [...] From Table V. which is the summary of the four preceding ones—and comprises all the suicides in the city of Pombay-SUICIDES IN BOMBAY IN 1886. [...] It will be observed that three asterisks occur in the Table ; that on the. 24th June designates a Muhammadan woman aged 25 who drowned herself with her daughter two years old; another on the 20th of the same month marks the case of a Parsee who placed his head on a rail; and the third on the 7th September denotes a European female who took carbolic acid. [...] The age of a Hindu woman who drowned herself in a well on the 29th July and of another who did the same on the 16th September not having been mentioned in the daily papers could not be marked on this Table.


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