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The Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay




The topgraphical references in the poems the names of rivers towns and villages can be generally identified and we can safely say that the scene was laid on the banks of the river Ajoy in the district of Burdwan. [...] The importance of the Gandhabanik community in the social life of Bengal is further borne out by the stories of worship of Sasthi and Satyanaraini two inferior deities of the Hindu Pantheon. [...] The invention of the stories of Manasa and Chandi and the adoption of Vaishnavism were the two chief things by which the fallen mercantile community of Bengal tried to elevate themselves after their influence had ceased with the diappearance of trade and commerce. [...] When the Bisarjan or farewell to the deity is about to be over the Karta of the house carries the barandala or the welcoming basket which was placed before the goddess since the beginning of the puja on his head to the inner compartment of the house. [...] Inspite of the decadence of trade and degeneration of the trading castes the sailing ships of Bengal carried on trade on high sea well into the middle of the last century when they disappeared completely with the advent of the steam boats.


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