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The Calcutta Review September 1953




The memory of the predicate which is the essential condition of the judments of doubt. [...] The objector may contend still that though it is admitted that the hypothesis of the Pravaras has been thoroughly refuted yet it can never be established that doubt and error are produced by our sense-organs since the eyes cease to function when they detect similarity and the memory of the predicate in the shape of specific feature intervenes between the closing chapter of the sense-210 THE CALCUT [...] Even if such a judgment the work to imagination is preceded by the sense-object-contact it is only generated by the synthesis of the memory of the names of its object— the name that has been learnt before. [...] Another charge against the validity of determinate perception is that the object of preceding indeterminate perception is clouded by the revived memory of the name of the object of the following deteminate perception. [...] The remembrance of the name of an object is one of the conditions of perception like the internal organ.



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