The Calcutta Review  July 1953
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The Calcutta Review July 1953




The awareness of pleasure is distinct from that of pain on the basis of its reference to the object like the awareness of a jar but not on the ground of its nature like a doubt. [...] the non-inherent cause which is the contact of the internal organ with the soul is the same. [...] The efficient cause of pleasure is the universal of pleasure whereas the efficient cause of consciousness is the universal of CODSCIOUMCSS These causes should assemble together to produce the effect. [...] A man who learns the meaning of a word from the usage of an experienced man solves his doubt about the identity of an object on hearing a sentence indicating the name of the intended object from the mouth of an expert. [...] the world is indebted for the division of the year into twelve months and of the Zodiac into twelve signs Alexander's invasion of Arabia his engagement with the Persians the defeat of Darius the Persian camp on the Tigris India the Ganges the islands of the Gangeridesa Polibote the Pandea country ruled by a queen the isles of India like Bramande meeting between Alexander and Porua their

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