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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) March 1946




In 1867-68 a movement began in the Punjab and the North-Western Provinces " for the establishment of a system of education which shall give greater ecouragement to the communication of knowledge through the medium of the vernacular to the development of a vernacular literature and to the study of oriental classics than is afforded by the existing system a system framed to meet the requirem [...] The critical realists of the contemporary period take a position midway between naive realism and representationism and seem to avoid the pitfalls of the etremists but they fail to give a consistent account of the ' go-between ' which some of them name as the character-complex ' some as the datum ' and the rest as ' the essence.' The Vedanta approaches the problem neither from the side of the [...] The relation with the external senses would there constitute the extrenality of the object the object itself being neither external nor internal_ If the perceptual relation is to be direct and not mediated by any representation the process is to start from the side of the cerebrum and the cor:in-am must be supposed as taking the form of the object through its auxiliaries.' Thus even if it we [...] The metaphysical account is concerned with the determination of the intrinsic nature of immediate knowledge as such the logical account is the interpretation of its meaning - the epistemological account is concerned with an examination of the logical conditions of its possibility and the psychlogical account is cocerned with the determination of the empirical conditions of its origin. [...] The pramatri-caitanya is a secondary edition of the transcendental act of apperception and the distinction between it and the latter is this that while the Vrtti is an internal determinant of the former it is but an external condition or upadhi of the latter.



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