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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) August 1940




This is never the Shakespeare of the Globe and hailing from Stratford—this is the Shakespeare retiring after the day's toil and reposing on the armchair with the most penetrating question : To be or not to be that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. [...] With an increase in the tempo of the Kisan movement and the consequent pressure exerted on it by its followers the leaders of the peasant agitation grew impatient at the slowness of the Congress pace which they ascribed to the ihfluence exerted on the cabinets by the landlord class. [...] This Committee confirmed the appointment of Clive and on the representation of Manningham a member of the old Calcutta Council who had arrived at Madras to represent the -state of affairs in Bengal the command on the sea was given to Admiral Watson and on the land to Colonel Clive. [...] In order to put pressure upon the Nawab they advised " that the sword should go hand in hand with the pen and that on the arrival of the present armament hostilities slum* imultdiately commence with the utmost vigour." But in the same breath they said that the bad consequences of the war should warn them against the sentiment of revenging injuries. [...] There he referred to the jatrocities to the greatest part of the merchants committed by the.Nawab's men " in a cruel and barbarous manner beyond what esAii kie described in writing." This is a vague statement antboanricaafailatilefer to the alleged incident in the night of the 2011Arinnh"144 THE CAI.



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