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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) September 1939




The subjectivism of the modern mind is directly related to the democratic temper of the age for subjectivism must necessarily lead to an appreciation of The importance of the individual. [...] We are not here concerned with the particular forms of government in vogue today but the political mentality of the age inspite of occasional and perhaps apparent variations here and there is based upon the conception of the primary rights of man and the demand of the freedom of thought of all members of society. [...] At first sight this appears somewhat paradoxical for how are we to reconcile the demand of subjectivism with its emphasis upon the importance of the individual with the concept of the social good in which the individual is'eonsideredmerely as an instrument in the furtherance of the social purpose ? The invasion of the state or corporate society into the precincts of experience till now considered [...] entailed the laying of the cable by a specific date and left little time for the manufacture of the cable the selection and the preparation of tEships and the manufacture of the payinout gear. [...] An escort of one U. S. ship and two British was provided the whole being termed the "Wire Squadron." For the first three weeks of July 1857 the two vessels coiled the cable on board; the "Agamemnon" in the Thames and the "Niagara" in the Mersey and the two vessels met at Queenstown on 30th July.



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