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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) October 1937




provisions of...the Instrument of Accession of that State nothing in this Act affects the rights and obligations of the Crown in relation to any Indian State." The constituent unit of the Federation is the ruler himself as representing the State and the Act makes no refernce to the subjects of the State. [...]. Unlike the Instrument issued before the Act the preserrt document receives sanction of Parliament and is statutorily recognised The E uperintendiug power of the Secretary of the State is limited to the Governor-General's functions involving the exercise of his discrtion or his individual judgment. [...] Rule 19 of First Schedule to the Act proposes subject to the provisions of the next succeeding paragraph persons to fill the seats in the Federal assembly allotted to a Governor's province as general seats shall he chosen by electorates consisting of.such of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of the province as hold therein general seats in accordance with proportional repre4entation by mea [...] The leaders of the majority parties in the legislatures proclaim that their object in agreeing to work the New Constitution is to make the best use of it for the benefit of the masses and for carrying out their policies and programmes. [...] It was the sincere and steadfast work of Indian patriots for the last quarter of a century to realise the state of United India the Union of the Indian States and British India and the inauguration of a National State of India.



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