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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) July 1937




of the power of making ordinances in emergencies the power of making legislation independently of the legislature in the hands of the Governor-General etc. [...] He has certain special responsibilities " imposed 'upon-him such as the \prevention of any grave menace to the peace or tranquillity of the ProvinceNae safeguarding of the interests of minorities bias sedaring to members of the public services of any right provided under the act the protection of the rights of Indian states etc. [...] In the first place in case of doubt the Governor is - to decide in his discretion whether any proposed expenditure falls within the class of expenditure charged on the revenues of the pr-vince or those made from the revenues of the province ; in other words whether it is to be subjected to the vote of the legislature or not. [...] The machinery of the Governor-General's special responsibilities supplemented by his Instrument of Instructions offers India and the United Kingdom the opportunity of making such a declaration of principles which at the same time ensures the necessary flexibility in their interpretation and application." The exact scope of the special responsibility 3 is to be understood by reference to the Ins [...] But no such elaborate system of safeguards except very general powers of control in the hands of the Governors were introduced in the constitutions of those countries and even in the limited powers of control in the hands of the Governors were continuously relaxed by growth of conventions with the lapse of time.



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