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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) July 1936




Outside the tea-house the breezes still in the gown of night brushed the dewdrops under the eaves while the dusky souls of night grouped themselves in battle array in the garden trees before a final retreat. [...] We must realise the ephemeral aspect of moments when time moves and also the still aspect of infinity when it settles down ; the meaning of moments out of the bosom of infinity and again that of infinity from the changing heart of moments—that is the secret of real poetry. [...] The house east of the forests west of the hills - is dark without luminous within clothed with the symbols of the beauties of spirits and of heavens —a wonderful place where the adoration has for a thousand years gone unchanged. [...] At the beginning Gladstone was leader of persons who were content with the Reform Act of 1832 as an extreme limit of popular Government and in last days he was the leader of the liberal-labour members who were the precursors of the Parliamentary Labour Party. [...] Lessons from the experience of one country when applied to the Conditions; in another are often unreliable and I will not go into the long history of development of Party Government in England nor of the 'Mother of Parliaments." With the decline of the liberal policy"1936] STUDIES IN GOVERNMENT 17 in 1914 socialists rose to power ; many of the liberals who were owners of property joiifed the.



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