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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) October 1933




AOLTI OF NATIONS AND ITS CRITICS ing the extent of the sovereignty of the Dom Woo* Miele are only a few illustrations of the complicated questions which have COMO forward as the result of the Conferences to simplify and.;determine the mutual relations of the Dominions belonging to one Buipine. [...] At the next stage attention was concentrated on the Geneva Protocol which however failed on account of the attitude of the Japanese delegation to the total condemnation of war the opposition of some Other delegations to the extension of their obligations under Article 16 and the fall of the Labour Government in the United Kingdom But the determination to secure disarmament was invincible and a [...] As the delegate of Mexico remarked on the occasion it was a " historical moment which was an auspicious date for the cause of peace and the moral prestige of the League of Nations." The hostilities between the two countries were terminated by the acceptance of the Council's recommendations. [...] On the side of the Drug Traffic there has been reached the new Convention for the Limitation of Manufactures and the Regulation of the distribution of Narcotic Drugs of 1931. [...] The World Economic Conference of 1933 was a fresh and very hopeful effort in the direction of the wise regulation of the econmic policies of the world and of the amelioration of the Economic Depression.



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