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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) August 1932




The economic policy of joining the Customs Union is the adoption of the Imperial Free Trade and permitting the free entry of goods and materials within the borders of the Empire without let or hindrance. [...] While these are the ideals of the advocates of the Empire currency reformers who base their contention on the resurrection"1932] INDIA'S DUTY AT OTTAWA 141 of the better-managed gold standard and the partial remonetistion of silver at least in the Eastern countries the more radical currency reformers have been advocating the expansion of - managed currency " over the whole of the Empire if no [...] Unless concerted intenational measures are taken in the matter of resurrecting the gold standard the trading world including the British Empire will not be in smooth waters by such tinkering measures as those of raising the value of silver the remonetisation of silver and wider extension of the sweeping hold of paper pound sterling over the major Empire countries and those of the world. [...] The priest's immediate interest was the fees paid by the yajamana for the sacrifice goes up to the world of gods and after it goes the fee which the sacrificer pays ; the sacrificer follows by catching hold of the fee that is given to the priests.2 This highly complex and elaborate cultus comprehended the "great sacrifices" and a number of other "domestic rites." The wife of the yajamana had no [...] Out of a total of forty the principal sacraments were the rites of onset of conception determination of the male sex of the foetus parting the hair on the expectant mother's head tasting cf honey and ghee on thbirth of the child giving a name to the child first takinout of the child for seeing the sun and the moon giving solid food for the first time to the child shaving the child's h



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